Exceptional customer service is at the forefront of any successful hospitality business. Historically, venues have opted for more traditional, face to face interactions with customers to guarantee satisfaction and a positive experience. However, the significant advancement of technology has given rise to a new generation of consumers who have become accustomed to instant gratification and a visual, digital experience. Despite the increase of innovative tech solutions over the last decade, the hospitality sector has remained somewhat unchanged. Prior to Covid-19, the concept of contactless, convenient ordering within a venue was almost inconceivable. 

After working extensively in hospitality - and experiencing first hand the inconvenience faced for both customers and venues with traditional ordering methods - this was something my sister and I wanted to change. In 2017 an idea for contactless ordering within venues was conceptualised and by 2019, we had finalised our first complete iteration of MyTab.

Our names are Mikaela (28) and Eliza (25) Greene, we are two professional surfing sisters from Yallingup, WA. Before Covid-19, Eliza and I travelled the world competing on the WSL World Qualifying Series (WQS) surfing tour. In between surf training and competing, we financed our travels through working in hospitality as baristas, bartenders and waitresses. These experiences provided us with a unique insight into the fundamental mechanics of the hospitality industry, while highlighting the efficiency issues accompanying traditional ordering methods. Surely there was a more convenient way to combat customer indecisiveness and collecting payments before preparing an order?

From 2017 to November of 2019, we continually revised and adapted the concept. The essential premise of the iOS/Android application was to seamlessly facilitate in-house food and beverage transactions between customers and venues in a safe, convenient and efficient way. 

The ocean was where we had many of our major breakthroughs, from the screen flow of our application to the name. After months of listing potential names for our application that neither of us could agree on, I remember walking along Smiths Beach and suggesting “MyTab”, Eliza immediately turned to me and said, “That’s it, it’s perfect”.  

In 2020, the world stopped with the announcement of Covid-19. Contactless ordering evolved from an emerging convenience to an absolute necessity. We saw this as an opportunity to expand on MyTab’s versatility to serve and support all types of hospitality venues. We began coding in the option for contactless table service and a 15km ordering radius for customers looking to place a pickup/collect order.

Due to this minor pivot, the core features of MyTab were now:

1. Pickup/Collect

Enables customers the convenience of ordering menu items from anywhere within the venue, or from venues close by (within a 15km radius). They are notified when their order is ready for collection via a unique 4 letter code and will proceed to the nominated pick up location.

2. Table Service

The customer places an order and includes their table number on the order from the comfort of their seat, allowing them the convenience to continue socialising without leaving their table. Staff within the venue will then bring out the order when it is ready.

In July of 2021, Deb Hallyburton, the owner of The Good Egg was the first to integrate MyTab within her venue. It was an absolute honour to beta test our application in such an amazing local venue, with an owner that is incredibly supportive of women in business. 

In October of 2021 MyTab celebrated its official launch. Since then, MyTab has 4000+ local customers using the app (and growing exponentially every day) and incredible venues across the South-West, Peel and Perth region.

We are so proud to have created an application designed to increase convenience and Covid-safe practices within the local community, while providing venues with a profitable, innovative solution to navigate the hospitality industry's “new normal”. 

Are you a venue? Contact us at venue@mytabinfo.com. We’re here to help!
August 01, 2022 — Mikaela Greene