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Time waits for no one; and neither should you.

MyTab is the revolutionary ordering application that seamlessly facilitates food and beverage transactions in a safe, convenient and efficient way, all at the touch of a button.

This versatile application enbables not only in-house ordering options via table service or pickup/collect, but also orders for takeaways within a 15km radius of the venue. In just 3 clicks, food and drinks at your fingertips!

Forget the queue jumpers, never ending wait times, misheard orders, dirty menus, multiple QR codes and repetitive sign ups for all of your favourite venues; simply download and go!

My Order. My Way. MyTab.

available on apple store (iPad)

MyTab Venue

MyTab Venue is the revolutionary ordering application that seamlessly facilitates food and beverage transactions between customers and venues.

The enhanced ordering system includes a digital menu which is easily and immediately updated at a touch of a button. MyTab Venue equips business owners with the ability to deliver menu items in a safe, convenient and efficient way.

At MyTab we have a strong focus on economic empowerment for venues, that is why we do not charge any commission fees, transaction fees or lock in contracts to the venues. MyTab charges the customer a surcharge of 2.9% on their order value.

MyTab has two functions; the pick up/collect feature and the table service feature. 

The pickup/collect feature enables customers the convenience of ordering menu items from anywhere within the venue, or from venues close by (within a 15km radius). The customer is notified when their order is ready for collection via a unique 4 letter code and will proceed to the nominated pick up location listed by your venue.

The table service feature allows customers to enjoy staying seated whilst placing an order with their table number allocated, allowing the convenience to continue socialising without leaving their table. Customers additionally have the opportunity to update their table number if they move after placing their order, MyTab will then notify the staff of the table change allowing seamless transparency to where each customer is located.

We completely understand the necessity of traditional service models and we are not looking to replace or overshadow the value of face to face interactions. MyTab provides an additional option for customers with needs that are difficult to meet with traditional ordering practices and for customers looking to place a quick takeaway order, or to spend more time socialising with friends and family at your venue.

Forget the incorrect billings, dirty menus, broken food buzzers, "mates rates" discounts, wastage from text/phone orders, invasive QR code devices and expensive platform service charges; the future is MyTab.

My Venue. My Way. MyTab.