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MyTab Customer

What is MyTab?

MyTab is an iOS and Android application that seamlessly facilitates food and beverage transactions in the form of table service and/or pickup/collect in a safe, convenient and efficient way, all at the touch of a button.

How do I download MyTab?

1. Download "MyTab: No queue, just you" from the Apple store or Google Play store.

2. Follow the steps to create your account (you must be over 18+).

3. View the venues around you within a 15km radius and select a venue to start your order.

I love using the app, how can I leave a review?

Reviews mean a lot to us as we love to hear your feedback. Please leave your review on MyTab's application on the Apple or Google Play store. Thank you!

Is there a limit on how many items I can add to my cart?

There is no limit on how many items you can order at once.

What is the customer transaction fee on MyTab?

MyTab's transaction fee is is a minimal surcharge you pay based on the value of your cart, this helps to cover operational costs.

Does the transaction fee change depending on how busy the venue is?

Currently, the transaction fee does not fluctuate based on the crowd level or capacity of venues, it is calculated on the total value of your order.

How can I find the transaction fee on my order?

Your MyTab transaction fee will be added at the bottom of your cart upon checkout, you will be able to check the transaction fee prior to placing your order.

What if I have food allergies?

All menu items have an option for special requests where you can write any allergies you may have. It is your responsibility to ensure the venue is made aware of your allergy. MyTab takes no responsibility for the Venue's methods and practices in ensuring your allergen safety. Please note: once you have placed your order, you can not change your order via the app.

What if I have a problem with my order?

If you have any issues with your order, please take your order receipt - which you will find under your Account Settings in Order History - to the appointed Manager for the Venue. The Manager will also have access to all orders, so they will be able to help you with any problems that may arise.

Where do I collect my order when it is ready for pick up?

Once you have been notified that your order is ready for collection, the pickup location details will be listed on the screen of the application. It is important to check the pick up location each time, as some venues may have several pick up locations.

How do I apply a promo code to my order?

You can add a venue's promo code on the final view your cart page prior to placing your order.

I didn't receive my order, what do I do?

If you did not receive your order, please contact the venue from which you ordered from and discuss the situation with the appointed manager. Please provide the manager with your orderID which can be found under your order history page.

If there is no resolution, please email and one of our customer representatives will be in touch.

I didn't collect my order after I was notified it was ready, do I get a refund?

Each venue will have its own time frame based on when they will mark an order as “Not Collected.” If you fail to collect your order after you have been notified, it is at the venue's discretion whether they will refund you.

MyTab Venue

What is MyTab Venue?

MyTab Venue equips business owners with the ability to deliver menu items in a safe, convenient and efficient way to their customers. Choose from the Pickup/Collect service and/or the Table Service feature to ensure your customers have the ultimate convenience when ordering from your venue.

How do I download MyTab Venue?

1. Download "MyTab Venue" from the Apple store. You must have an iPadOS 11.0 or later.

2. Follow the steps to create your venue account.

3. Once you have finalised your venue account, please email us at so a representative can verify your account and activate it. Thank you.

Can I have support to help set up my MyTab Venue account?


What services does MyTab Venue offer?

MyTab Venue has two core functionalities, the Pickup/Collect feature that enables customers the convenience of ordering menu items from anywhere within the venue, or from venues close by (within a 15km radius). Customers are notified when their order is ready for collection via a unique 4 letter code and will proceed to the nominated pick up location listed by the venue. The second functionality is the Table Service feature, customers can enjoy staying seated whilst placing an order with their table number allocated, allowing customers the convenience to continue socialising without leaving their table. Customers additionally have the opportunity to update their table number if they move after placing their order, MyTab will then notify the staff of the table change allowing seamless transparency to where each customer is located.

Can I set opening hours and kitchen hours on MyTab Venue?

Yes, the MyTab Venue application allows you to select your venue's opening hours and kitchen opening hours. You also have the ability to close your venue on days which you are not open.

Can I edit and update my MyTab menu myself?

Yes, you can easily update your MyTab menu from your venue account. Any changes made on your menu will be automatically updated on your customer's menu, allowing maximum transparency and higher customer satisfaction.

Can MyTab Venue integrate with my docket machines?

Yes, MyTab Venue can integrate with existing specific EPSON series printers. Please contact us at if you require further information on our docket printing feature. Please note: Docket printing is a MyTab Premium+ feature.

When will I receive my MyTab Venue earnings?

MyTab has selected the most immediate payout option (instant) from Stripe to your nominated venue bank account. However, depending on your bank account the funds may take up to 2-3 days to appear.

If you have any queries in relation to your payouts, please login to your Stripe Express connected account and contact a Stripe representative (available 24/7).

Does MyTab Venue charge any fees?

MyTab Venue does not charge any fees, commission or lock in contracts to use the foundation of our application. However, there are extra paid features called MyTab Premium+ features that are an upgrade to the base of our application. Many venues use MyTab Venue for free, whilst other venues like the convenience that the Premium+ features provide so they happily pay to add these features to their account.

What is MyTab Venue Premium+?

MyTab Venue Premium+ features are additional paid features that are added to your account at your request. Many venues use the Premium+ features for the convenience it provides their staff.

Please email for further information.

What payment platform do you use?

At MyTab, we use Stripe as our payment gateway for both customers and venues. Security and reliability is our key focus, this is why we chose Stripe - who is PCI Compliant - to manage payments within the applications.

How do I access my Stripe Express connected account?

After creating your MyTab Venue account and Stripe verification form, you will be able to access your account with your credentials via . Additionally, you can download the Stripe Express app on your iPhone from the App Store so you can remotely stay up to date with your payouts.

Your Stripe Express connected account will provide all financial transparency on your MyTab customer transactions and upcoming/ past payouts which you can then export to your computer.

What is Stripe (payment platform) fees?

Stripe fees are available to check on their website, please ensure you check their Express Connected account fees. Click here to visit website.

Can I login into my account via desktop?

Currently, the only way to login to your MyTab Venue account is via your iPad. However, please note a desktop version will be available soon.

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