At MyTab, our goal is to not only provide the highest quality contactless ordering solution for both customers and venues, but help support venues in eliminating some of the environmental damage caused by the hospitality sector’s commercial activities. MyTab’s focus on sustainability is derived from our core Company values and ethos to ensure we provide eco-friendly solutions for both our venues and customers. Here are some ways MyTab focuses on minimal waste and environmental impact.

Reduce Landfill 

MyTab’s sustainable and eco-friendly strategy is unlike other online ordering platforms or traditional ordering methods. MyTab is an iOS/Android application that is downloadable on existing mobile devices or iPads. Due to this, MyTab does not require participating venues to purchase, maintain and replace additional technology or table hardware to use the application. 

MyTab’s digital menu removes the need to purchase, maintain and replace paper or plastic menus. In addition to this, there is no need to purchase additional cleaning products used to maintain the hygiene standards required for the menus. 

MyTab’s Pickup/Collect function removes the need to purchase, maintain and replace plastic food buzzers, as the customer’s phone becomes their food buzzer. This results in a reduction in electricity usage required to charge the buzzers. It also negates the need for disposable batteries and decreases the venue's landfill contribution.

Reduce Paper Waste

MyTab Venue application is completely paperless and does not require docket printing integration to fulfill customer orders, helping to reduce forest destruction and littering. Customer receipts are generated to be paperless and are stored within the app. These can be sent to the customer by email should they request it. 

MyTab Venue’s financial and stock reports are additionally completely paperless and can be exported via email to integrate easily with your resource management systems.

The marketing strategy utilised by MyTab is designed to be predominantly based online to reduce environmental impact. Where marketing materials are printed, for resources such as flyers, posters and takeaway bags, these materials are recyclable.

Reduce Food Wastage

MyTab reduces food and beverage wastage caused by miscommunications between customers and staff and also removes the ability for accidental duplication of orders eliminating food wastage.

MyTab is constantly working to find ways to improve our sustainability solutions and we are always open for feedback. If you have suggestions or any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us here and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

October 03, 2022 — Eliza Greene