It cannot be denied that COVID-19 has revolutionised the way that customers and consumers engage with businesses; this is evident within the hospitality industry. Technology is paving the way for increased convenience and ease of interaction in a way that was previously not available within the hospitality industry.

According to research from Event Industry News, 58% of consumers have expressed a willingness to spend more on food items if they didn’t have to deal with the hassle of waiting in line for their order. Whilst this change has arrived suddenly over the last couple years, it is critical that businesses adapt quickly to continue supporting their customers which will help venues maintain their viability within this new economic climate. 

MyTab understands the necessity of traditional service models and is not looking to overshadow the value of face to face interactions. MyTab provides an additional option for customers with needs that are difficult to meet with traditional ordering practices. Customers within the deaf community, customers within the disabled community and their carers, families with children or prams and customers looking to spend more time socialising with friends and family can all benefit from the accessibility that MyTab provides.

With MyTab's descriptive and visual menu, MyTab helps your venue to accommodate every customer. MyTab is designed to create a seamless user experience for both customers and venues. During the development of the application MyTab worked with people of all ages in order to optimise the app for an inclusive market. MyTab designed a simple and effective flow where users can place an order from a venue’s menu within only three clicks.

The most common concern in relation to contactless ordering is the impact it will have on venue’s face-to-face customer interactions. Offering access to a contactless ordering platform like MyTab will not take away from your venue’s face-to-face customer service for many reasons. Firstly, customers who want to order from staff or ask questions will still line up to speak to a staff member. Additionally, MyTab’s service type options (Table Service or Pick up/Collect) are only contactless when a customer is placing an order, your venue can maintain a positive face-to face interaction when the customer comes to collect their order or when their order is delivered to their table. MyTab merely introduces a greater variety of ways for venues to meet the ever changing needs of their customers and still maintain a high level of customer service. 

If you would like to learn more on how MyTab can support your venue, please feel free to contact us here and our friendly venue support team will be in touch.

October 03, 2022 — Eliza Greene